All I Wanna Do is the debut single of American boy band All Over Again. The song was released on May 1, 2012 from their debut album Faith.

Music videoEdit

The official music video features the four boys in a darkened room as the song runs through its opening. As the first few verses play, a spotlight flashes over the featured singer, interlaced with the guys each going through a bitter argument with their girlfriends.

As the chorus hits, they perform a dance routine in the darkened room while they all sing in harmony. Additionally, they are each seen wandering alone through different settings - Jake is seen walking through an empty mall, Preston is hiking up a mountainside, Trip is walking a desert and Carter is strolling across the beach.

The next few verses follow them in these settings, with the featured singer singing their parts. The second chorus shows them feeling remorseful for what happened earlier and they try to reconcile with their girlfriends, but they all seem to be unsuccessful.

The interlude shows Preston standing on a cliff-face, belting out the high notes. Jake suddenly runs outside with an enlightened face, and Carter and Trip soon leave their settings as well in the same manner. When the interlude ends, Preston also runs back down the mountain.

The last chorus reveals that they all had a mutual idea of singing a love song to their girlfriends. The darkened room lights up to reveal them performing to a club of people, with the four girls dancing at the front to the song. At the song's end, they all cheer and praise each other.